New materials for energy, environment, digitization, biomedicine and biotechnology

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Worth more 4,8 million euros during 2023.

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In 2023, with 8300 citations at the end of the year.

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For outer researchers who require some of our advanced equipment for their experiments.

Strategic areas

The strategic areas are designed to benefit from the knowledge generated in advanced materials and apply it to respond to the most important challenges of modern society. From environmental remediation, monitoring and prevention, energy generation and storage, biomedicine and biotechnology, as well as providing the advanced materials necessary for digitalization and industry 4.0 strategies


Environmental prevention, remediation and monitoring

Solutions based on materials for sensing (heavy metals, volatile organic compounds) and remediation strategies for water and air, materials compatible with sustainability and circular economy…

Energy generation and storage

Energy generation and storage

Researching on new materials for solar energy and energy harvesting systems, active materials for Li and Na-batteries, printable batteries, hydrogen generation and storage…

Digitalization and emerging technologies

Digitalization and emerging technologies

We develop smart and functional materials with improved integration through advanced manufacturing processes, materials for sensors and actuators used for smart cities and interiors, industry 4.0 and wearables…

Biomedicine and biotechnology

Biomedicine and biotechnology

We focus, among others, on the development of nanoparticle based solutions for biomedicine, active scaffolds and microenvironments for tissue enginereering, including organ-on-a-chip approaches.

Research lines

Research lines are designed to generate knowledge in the new generation of smart, active and multifunctional materials, to achieve excellence in the next generation of materials, to discover materials and effects and to transfer this knowledge to society. Within the research áreas, one or more of theses research lines work together in order to give answer to specific technological and society challenges. In addition, the transversal research lines are designed as activities supporting the actions of research lines and areas through specialist in highly needed tools and activity of advanced materials science.



BCMaterials allows scientists from other institutions to use their equipment and services so they can step forward in their research. If you would like to book any piece of our equipment or request any of our services, please contact us at

  • Opto-Electrical Device Characterization Laboratory

    • Quantum Efficiency measurement
    • J-V measurements
    • Impedance analysis
    • Spectral and Optical response
  • Chemistry Synthesis Laboratory

    • Design of composite polymer-filler materials.
    • Preparation of inks for 2D printing.
    • Hydrothermal synthesis of wide scope of inorganic and hybrid materials and nanoparticles.
    • Synthesis and modification of porous metal organic materials, and their size reduction to the nano-scale.
  • Electricity & Electronics Laboratory

    In case you want to do any measurement, indicate the requirements and measurement conditions. It´s use is subject to availability, most of the equipments are used in multifunctional materials characterizations.

  • Materials Synthesis Laboratory

    • Perovskite solar cell fabrication
    • DSC measurements
    • 2-D inkjet-printing
    • Contact angle measurement
    • Deposition of metal contact by thermal evaporation
  • Metallurgy & Ceramics Laboratory

    In case you want to prepare any sample, indicate the requirements. All systems require the presence of the contact person.