Energy generation and storage

Micro and nano-devices

Micro and nano devices

The multifunctional materials, nanostructures and surfaces being developed, allow the implementation in functional prototypes demonstrating the suitability of the materials for advanced applications. Force, deformation, magnetic, magnetostrictive and chemical sensors are being fabricated, among others. In addition, printed and flexible electronic devices will be fabricated for wearables, point of care devices, interactive surfaces and structural health monitoring. Finally, microfluidic systems and organ-on-a-chip devices are being developed.

We develop multifunctional materials, nanostructures and surfaces able to be implemented in functional prototypes with an important focus on health applications (wearables, point of care devices, monitoring…), among others…


Associate Research:

In this research line also take part several Research Associates, that belong to the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and perform part of their activity within BCMaterials. Thus, the work of the different lines is carried out in close collaboration with research groups at the University, promoting excellence and worldwide impact.