Advanced functional materials and surfaces

Advanced Functional Materials and Surfaces

This research line concerns mainly the implementation through deep fundamental understanding of functional materials for advanced technological needs.  BCMaterials covers the synthesis, development and scale-up of a wide range of materials for fuel cells and batteries (including solid electrolytes, advanced cathode and anode materials and interface engineering for next generation batteries), photovoltaic materials (prvoskyte) or permanent magnets (critical materials free). Further, to provide surfaces with additional functionalities beyond the traditional decorative or protective ones is a key issue in science and technology. Active and multifunctional surfaces are being developed based on active materials, via patterning and/or chemical modification techniques, allowing to obtain specific and tailored magnetic, optical, mechanical or electrical responses. BCMaterials is working on sensing, self-cleaning, self-healing and antibacterial surfaces, following a wide variety of methods, including chemical and physical deposition and printing techniques.

We synthesize, develop and scale-up a wide range of materials for fuel cells and batteries, photovoltaic materials or permanent magnets... Also working on sensing, self-cleaning, self-healing and antibacterial surfaces.


Associate Research:

In this research line also take part several Research Associates, that belong to the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and perform part of their activity within BCMaterials. Thus, the work of the different lines is carried out in close collaboration with research groups at the University, promoting excellence and worldwide impact.