Basque Center on Materials, Applications and Nanostructures

BCMaterials, Basque Center on Materials, Applications and Nanostructures, is an autonomous research center launched in June 2012 by Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). The center is included in the BERC’s (Basque Excellence Research Centers) network.


ISI publications in 2021

Our publications reached a 50 H Index. 83% of Q1 publications.


66 staff researchers plus 27 associates.


€ in 2021

99% of competitive funding.

Strategic areas

The strategic areas are designed to benefit from the knowledge generated in advanced materials and apply it to respond to the most important challenges of modern society. From environmental remediation, monitoring and prevention, energy generation and storage, biomedicine and biotechnology, as well as providing the advanced materials necessary for digitalization and industry 4.0 strategies


Environmental prevention, remediation and monitoring

Solutions based on materials for sensing (heavy metals, volatile organic compounds) and remediation strategies for water and air, materials compatible with sustainability and circular economy…

Energy generation and storage

Energy generation and storage

Researching on new materials for solar energy and energy harvesting systems, active materials for Li and Na-batteries, printable batteries, hydrogen generation and storage…

Digitalization and emerging technologies

Digitalization and emerging technologies

We develop smart and functional materials with improved integration through advanced manufacturing processes, materials for sensors and actuators used for smart cities and interiors, industry 4.0 and wearables…

Biomedicine and biotechnology

Biomedicine and biotechnology

We focus, among others, on the development of nanoparticle based solutions for biomedicine, active scaffolds and microenvironments for tissue enginereering, including organ-on-a-chip approaches.

Research lines

Research lines are designed to generate knowledge in the new generation of smart, active and multifunctional materials, to achieve excellence in the next generation of materials, to discover materials and effects and to transfer this knowledge to society. Within the research áreas, one or more of theses research lines work together in order to give answer to specific technological and society challenges. In addition, the transversal research lines are designed as activities supporting the actions of research lines and areas through specialist in highly needed tools and activity of advanced materials science.

Training opportunities for students

University internship programs, degree final projects, master thesis final projects, doctoral program...

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  • Ainara Valverde, New Doctor of BCMaterials


    We want to congratulate Ainara Valverde de Mingo, pre-doctoral researcher of BCMaterials, for becoming new doctor on 25th January. Ainara made an excellent defense of her thesis entitled "Metal-…
  • Nerea Lete, New Pre-Doctoral researcher at BCMaterials


    BCMaterials has incorporated a new pre-doctoral researcher, Nerea Lete. Nerea obtained her degree in Electronic Engineering from the UPV / EHU and the Master's Degree in Nanoscience and…
  • Ignacio Mínguez, new Ramón y Cajal Fellow at BCMaterials


    We would like to welcome a new researcher at BCMaterials, Ignacio Mínguez Bacho, who joins our center as a Ramón y Cajal Fellow – Post-Doctoral Researcher. Graduated in Physics from the Universidad…
  • New Cover on Energy Technology Magazine


    A contribution from BCMaterials and colleagues “Amplifying the Performance and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells Using Fluorinated Salt as the Surface Passivator”, has been selected as a cover of…