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UPV/EHU Macromolecular Chemistry Laboratory (LabQuiMac)


The UPV/EHU Macromolecular Chemistry Laboratory, located at ZTF/FCT on Leioa Campus, room FCT CD1.P2.2, collaborates tightly with BCMaterials, granting our staff access to its facilities, and even hosting BCMaterials instruments on it.

As a general rule, UPV/EHU Macromolecular Chemistry Laboratory facilities are only accessible after getting the approval of its main responsible.

Also, for accessing the BCMaterials’ equipment located there, the supervision of a BCMaterials researcher is needed. You can get further information on the equipment tab,

The laboratory possess all type of facilities and equipment to develop organic synthesis, polymer modification, process and study of their thermal, mechanical and chemical properties, such as IR, DSC, DMA, DLS…

For more information, you might consult the following link: https://www.ehu.eus/en/web/labquimac/ekipamendua.

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Lab. Manager:


  • Polymer synthesis and modification.
  • Thermal, mechanical and chemical characterization of materials.
  • Scientific-technical advice



Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

BCMaterials´ Mettler Toledo / STARe System DMA is located at the UPV/EHU Macromolecular Chemistry Laboratory.

In DMA, the sample is subjected to a periodic stress in one of several different modes of deformation (bending, tension, shear and compression). Modulus as a function of time or temperature (from -150°C to 500°C) is measured and provides information on phase transitions.  DMA technology is the perfect solution when maximum accuracy is required and the material has to be characterized over a wide range of stiffness (peak force 12 N, 18 N or 40 N) and/or frequency. In addition, DMA technology is extremely versatile and therefore, DMA can characterize materials even in liquids or at specific relative humidity levels.

Mettler Toledo - STARe System DMA 1 2014