Rajendra Gajjala, New Post-Doctoral Researcher of BCMaterials

We are happy to receive Rajendra Kumar Reddy Gajjala as new post-doctoral researcher at our center. Dr. Gajjala joined the micro and nano-devices research line to reinforce the current work BCMaterials develops on biosensors for health applications. As an expert in interfaces and nanomaterials, he also will help developing materials and nanomaterials to improve charge transfer at electrode-electrolyte interfaces.

Mahdi Gassara And Abdessamad El Adel, New Pre-Doctoral Researchers

BCMaterials gives its warmest welcome to two new pre-doctoral researchers: Mahdi Gassara and Abdessamad El Adel.

Mahdi Gassara has a Degree in Chemistry from the University of Sfax (Tunisia). In 2020 got the Master of Inorganic Chemistry from the same university, where he worked since 2021 s research assistant in Chemistry. Mahdi joins BCMaterials to work on the development of lead free perovskites and their integration in solar cells along with Shahzada Ahmad, Ikerbasque Research Professor.

Naveen Harindu gets his PhD as BCMaterials researcher

We want to congratulate Naveen Harindu, pre-doctoral researcher of BCMaterials, for becoming new doctor on 3rd March. Naveen made an excellent defense of his thesis entitled "Reliability Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells: Role of Low-Dimensional Materials for Interfacial Modifications". We are happy for Naveen after all these years of hard work. He has a bright future ahead. Congratulations, Naveen!!

Ainara Valverde, New Doctor of BCMaterials

We want to congratulate Ainara Valverde de Mingo, pre-doctoral researcher of BCMaterials, for becoming new doctor on 25th January. Ainara made an excellent defense of her thesis entitled "Metal-organic frameworks and their composites for water remediation". We are glad to see Ainara overcoming this turning point of every researcher career and we are sure that we will see her next steps forward soon. Congratulations, Ainara!!

Nerea Lete, New Pre-Doctoral researcher at BCMaterials

BCMaterials has incorporated a new pre-doctoral researcher, Nerea Lete. Nerea obtained her degree in Electronic Engineering from the UPV / EHU and the Master's Degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology from the University of Barcelona. She is specialized in manufacturing microfluidic platforms with built-in magnetic sensors. At BCMaterials she will work together with Alfredo García, UPV / EHU Research Associate, on magnetotactic bacteria as nanobots for specific therapies against cancer.

Welcome Nerea!

María Calles Joins BCMaterials as Pre-Doctoral Researcher

María Calles joined our center this month as pre-doctoral researcher. Calles, who earned her Chemistry degree at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) and a Master Degree in Fine and Molecular Chemistry at Universidad de Murcia (Spain), will work with Viktor Petrenko and Roberto Fernández de Luis in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) development. More specifically, she will research in the framework of the NUETRONMOF project for creating advanced polymers composites based on Metal-Organic Frameworks for batteries and environmental applications.

Subhajit Dutta Joins BCMaterials as Post-Doctoral Researcher

BCMaterials is happy to welcome a new post-doctoral researcher: Dr. Subhajit Dutta. He obtained his B.Sc. (Chemistry) from University of Calcutta (India) in 2014 and received M.Sc. degree from the same academical institution, India in 2016. Thereafter, he joined the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune (India) as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Sujit K. Ghosh and received his Ph.D. in 2022.

Marta García, New Pre-Doctoral Researcher at BCMaterials

BCMaterials wants to welcome Marta García, who has joined our center as pre-doctoral researcher. She will work on the development of biodegradable batteries, along with Erlantz Lizundia, UPV/EHU Research Associate at BCMaterials. In particular, García will investigate different possibilities of natural polymers and derivatives of cellulose applied to these batteries.

Welcome, Marta! We hope you totally enjoy working with us at BCMaterials!

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