Mikel Rincón, New Doctor of BCMaterials

We want to congratulate Mikel Rincón iglesias, pre-doctoral researcher of BCMaterials, for becoming new doctor on 13th October. Mikel made an excellent defense of his thesis called ""Sustainable multifunctional materials with tailored magnetic and electrical properties for electronics applications". This is the culmination of a great work carried out in all these years in our center. Congratulations, Mikel!

New article in Mapping Ignorance

Scientific dissemination and outreach are two key aspects for BCMaterials in its effort to communicate the work it carries out to generate knowledge in new materials science. One of the channels of reference in this field is Mapping Ignorance, a blog emerged on the initiative of the Chair of Scientific Culture of the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. The blog is aimed at making the scientific and non-scientific public aware of the latest advances in Science and Technology.

Jordi Llusar, New Post-doctoral Researcher

We want to give our welcome to Jordi Llusar as new post-doctoral researcher at our center. After earning his degree in Chemistry at the Jaume I University of Valencia, he completed a master in Theoretical Physics at the Valencia University. Finally, he got his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the Jaume I University as well. He will work in the Computational Materials Science transverse research line in collaboration with Ivan Infante, Ikerbasque Research Professor at BCMaterials. Welcome, Jordi!

Marina Navarro and Hugo Salazar, New Post-Doctoral Researchers

BCMaterials gives a warm welcome to Marina Navarro and Hugo Salazar, who have just started as post-doctoral researchers at our center. Navarro will work along with Juan Pablo Esquivel, Ikerbasque Research Associate, on sustainable and biodegradable batteries for precision agriculture. Salazar’s research will focus on the development of functional ceramic and composite materials towards energy storage, conversion and ion conduction, with the Ikerbasque Research Professor Qi Zang.

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