BCMaterials participation in the UPV/EHU Science Week

BCMaterials participated prominently in 'Science Week' 2023, organized by the UPV/EHU, which took place from November 8 to 12. During those five days, the center organized a stand ('science corner’) at the Bizkaia Aretoa in Bilbao, which received hundreds of visitors, mainly students and families.

The 'science corner’, under the title 'Another world is (materially) possible', had the objective of showing through practical examples and experiments how materials science contributes to providing solutions for health, energy and the environment, among others fields. Thus, we carried out experiments with metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) capable of detecting polluting substances in the air or capturing them in water. In the second experiment, the MOFs, in addition to extracting contaminants from water, were also capable of separating valuable elements for later use in the industry. These experiments are the result of the work carried out in international projects in which BCMaterials participates, such as Indesmof, Tailing32Green or Solarsenic.

3D printing against cancer

Another of the demonstrators at the stand was closely linked to healthcare solutions; specifically, with the treatment for patients with bone cancer. We showed how 3D printed polymeric materials with nanoparticles are able to replace pieces of bone that are removed from patients with bone tumors. These materials, endowed with piezoelectric properties, will allow bone regeneration without the danger of tumors reproducing in the area.

As for materials for energy, visitors saw in action a capacitor capable of working with carbon paper instead of the polluting metals usually used in these devices. This experiment allowed us to contextualize the different BCMaterials projects on eco-designed batteries. These batteries, tailored to the device they power, are made with materials that are harmless to the environment and are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

An interesting workshop on materials from silk

In addition to the science corner, BCMaterials presented the workshop 'Silk: a material to replace them all'. The workshop was held on the afternoon of Friday the 10th in Bilbao and the morning of Saturday the 11th in San Sebastián. Participants in the workshop experienced the different materials that can be obtained from silkworm cocoons, applying several treatments during the process.

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