BCMaterials participates in a new article in Nature Communications on the control of the physical properties of MOFs

BCMaterials, through its researcher Itziar Oyarzabal, Ikerbasque Research Fellow, collaborated in the publication of an interesting article in the journal Nature Communications, related to the understanding of the control of the physical properties of MOFs, so that these metal-organic compounds serve as conductors, semiconductors or insulators. Specifically, the article focuses on the compound MCl2(pyrazine)2.

New cover on Physica Status Solidi A

A contribution from BCMaterials and colleagues, “Magnetic Properties of Tetragonal SmFe12−xMox Alloys in Bulk and Melt-Spun Ribbons”, was selected as journal cover in Physica Status Solidi A magazine, as part of the special issue ” Substitution and Recycling of Critical Raw Materials in Optoelectronic, Magnetic and Energy Devices”. 2022, 19, 15. Congratulations to the authors.


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