New book: ‘Sustainable Energy Storage in the Scope of Circular Economy’

BCMaterials has participated as co-editor of a new book: 'Sustainable Energy Storage in the Scope of Circular Economy: Advanced Materials and Device Design'. Our scientific director, Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez, is one of the three editors of the volume, together with Carlos Miguel Costa and Renato Gonçalves, researchers from the University of Minho.

The book, edited by Wiley, reviews recent developments in the sustainable design and application of energy storage devices, taking into account the key advantages and remaining challenges in this rapidly evolving field of research.

Topics covered include:
- Sustainable materials for batteries and fuel cell devices
- Multifunctional sustainable materials for energy storage
- Energy storage devices in the scope of the Internet of Things
- Sustainable energy storage devices and device design for sensors and actuators
- Waste prevention for energy storage devices based on second life and recycling procedures

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