Euroregion ECliCare Project’s Workshop Held in Bilbao

Eclicare workshop Bilbao BCMaterials

On November 13, the workshop of the 'Electrochemisluminescent Bioassays for Personalized Diagnostics (ECliCare)' project, developed by BCMaterials along with the University of Bordeaux and the Public University of Navarra, took place in Bilbao. The event was held within the framework of the  'Euskampus Bordeaux Eguna 2023'.

The ECliCare project, funded by the New Aquitaine, Euskadi and Navarra Euroregion, seeks to explore the capacity of smartphones as an instrumental platform for molecular diagnostic tests based on Electro-Generated Chemiluminescence (ECL). ECLiCare is aimed at developing new products and services based on personalized diagnostic devices for older people, supported by information technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and communications.

Space for clusters and industry

The project workshop, titled 'Mobile technologies in personalized diagnostics', was developed in three blocks. In the first block, the project coordinators presented the basics and achievements of ECliCare to date. Javier del Campo, Ikerbasque Research Professor at BCMaterials, offered an overview of ECliCare. He was followed by Francisco Falcone, professor at the Public University of Navarra, who referred to the section on the control of the device and the management of the data collected by it. Finally, Neso Sojic, professor at the University of Bordeaux, spoke about electrochemiluminescence in molecular diagnostics.

The second block of the workshop was dedicated to presenting the point of view of the health clusters of the Euroregion. The first speaker, Mikaela Olaizola, from the Basque Health Cluster, presented the Basque health ecosystem and the strategic lines of the cluster. Margaux Mercado, from Tic-Santé, the New Aquitaine health cluster, spoke next, referring to the work carried out by his organization.

The third and final block gave voice to companies in the health sector such as Biolan, a company specialized in analysis and diagnostic devices; Test4Safe, a firm that sells drug tests; and Tecnalia, within its health and food division.

The workshop closed with time for debate and the exhibition of demonstrators.

Flash session

One day after the workshop, Joseba Totoricaguena, predoctoral researcher at BCMaterials, participated in a flash session organized at the 'Euskampus Bordeaux Eguna'. Totoricaguena spoke about his experience within the ECliCare project.

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