TV3 echoes Juan Pablo Esquivel’s work on ecodesigned batteries

TV3 BCMaterials

The TV3 (Catalonian television) program 'Kanviem?', dedicated to the consequences of climate change, features in its episode entitled “Electronic waste” the research in ecodesigned batteries developed by the group of Juan Pablo Esquivel, Ikerbasque Research Associate at BCMaterials.

The program explains the important potential of these batteries to power different devices, especially to those with a short life cycle or single use. These batteries adjust to the operating needs of these devices and allow avoiding the use of other polluting alternatives due to their composition their difficult recyclability, such as button-cell batteries. Likewise, the program shows the capacity of eco-designed batteries to be biodegradable, compostable or even degrade in soil without a negative impact on the environment.

Esquivel's work is reflected in the research activity he carries out at BCMaterials and advising the start-up Fuelium, as one of its founders. Currently, the group led by Esquivel proposes the generation of energy sources tailored to the application they power, using a holistic vision of sustainability.


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