BCMaterials collaborates with the Zientziaz Blai outreach event

BCMaterials, as part of its work to support and develop scientific outreach, collaborates for another year with Zientziaz Blai. This event, organized by the Logos Elkartea association, seeks to bring scientific knowledge to neighbourhoods where, for various reasons, the cultural offer does not reach.

Zientziaz Blai will take place on June 2 and 3 in the San Francisco neighbourhood of Bilbao. The program will have 3 activities (some of them have limited attendees capacity, so prior reservation is required at logoselkartea@gmail.com address)


June 2. Hika Ateneo. 18:30-20:30

Informative talks "Science and Society"

  • Leticia Arribas: “Salud Km. 0; el barrio y sus gentes como eje de salud comunitaria”
  • Nany Pérez-Hoyos: “Diagnóstico: Cáncer… Combatir o conVIVIR?”
  • Julia Fernández: “¿Cómo influye el barrio en nuestra actividad física?: Proyecto ciudadano MugiBIL”
  • Marc Ruiz de Minteguía: “Un tsunami de insatisfacción. RRSS y TCA.”


June 3. Plaza Corazón de María. 12:00-14:00

Outdoor activity "The health of our environment"

Guided tour through Bilbao downtown and the surrounding areas of the city’s river. The characteristics of our environment and its relationship with our lifestyle and health will be shown from different scientific perspectives.


June 3. BBK Kuna building. 18:00-19:00

First aid workshop "A first class performance"

A participatory workshop in which different situations that require first aid will be staged and with the support of a health professional, it will be identified how to proceed and avoid errors in acting.


More information: http://crystalclear.es/zientziaz-blai-2023-salud-en-sociedad-de-nuevo-ciencia-en-el-barrio/

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