BCMaterials hosts the meeting of the consortium of the MULTI-FUN European project

On March 15 and 16, BCMaterials is hosting at its headquarters in Leioa (Spain) the meeting of the consortium of the European MULTI-FUN project, in which our center is one of the partners. The event brings together 30 representatives of the different 21 entities, from 8 countries, that work on this project. The goal of the meeting is to examine the progress of the work carried out so far and to prepare the last phase of the programme.

The MULTI-FUN project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 innovation program, began its journey three years ago.

This project seeks, on the one hand, to improve the performance and efficiency of metal additive manufacturing systems for the automotive industry and, on the other hand, to manufacture complex 3D models of multiple materials without sacrificing the capabilities of large parts. Thus, seven demonstrators obtained by additive manufacturing will be generated, characterized and validated for their direct implementation in the automotive market.

Thanks to the work of the project partners, demonstrators with multifunctional properties and others that will improve aspects of functionality and driving safety, while maintaining the usual mechanical performance of the parts, will be generated.

As an event associated with the consortium meeting, a Speed-Tech Forum open to the public will be held on Friday, March 17. The event’s programme will include talks dedicated to different European projects related to additive manufacturing. This event will also take place in the Martina Casiano building.

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