Special Issue: ‘Chemistry in Ukraine’

The Chemical Record, a journal of the Chemical Society of Japan, has published the Special Issue ‘Chemistry in Ukraine’, coordinated by the Ikerbasque Research Professor Stefan Wuttke in collaboration with important Ukranian scientists from different academical institutions.

This very interesting publication aims to “highlight the advances in chemical research and celebrate the passion and dedication of the scientists in Ukraine”, according to the authors. Another main goal of this issue is to foster global partnerships and multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary collaborations, including co-funded projects and initiatives.

‘Chemistry in Ukraine’ showcases major chemistry research directions that are currently carried out in Ukraine, comprising organic and polymer chemistry, biochemistry, electrochemistry, physical and inorganic chemistry.

The document is fully accessible through this link: https://wuttkescience.com/2024/03/17/special-issue-chemistry-in-ukraine/

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