BCMaterials participates in a new article in Nature Communications on the control of the physical properties of MOFs


BCMaterials, through its researcher Itziar Oyarzabal, Ikerbasque Research Fellow, collaborated in the publication of an interesting article in the journal Nature Communications, related to the understanding of the control of the physical properties of MOFs, so that these metal-organic compounds serve as conductors, semiconductors or insulators. Specifically, the article focuses on the compound MCl2(pyrazine)2.

The authors of the article discovered that the use of vanadium ions makes the compound insulating. On the other hand, if titanium is used, it becomes a conductor and, if chromium is used (Nature Chemistry, 2018), the compound behaves as a semiconductor. The article also examines the reasons why this phenomenon occurs and shows that the key to controlling these physical properties lies in the choice of metal ion. Understanding this phenomenon paves the way for the design of new generations of conducting and even superconducting materials.

The work is the result of the joint effort of the Center de Recherche Paul Pascal (CNRS/University of Bordeaux) with our center and other research groups from 6 countries.

Congratulations to the authors!


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