Start of the European COST Action EU4MOFS, Coordinated by BCMaterials

In November, work on the EU4MOFS project began. This project belongs to European Union funded COST Actions program. BCMaterials coordinates this initiative, which establishes a pan-European collaborative network with the aim of promoting the development of metal-organic compounds, known as MOFs, hindered by the current difficulty of controlling their scalability in terms of structure, properties and performance.

The EU4MOFS project, European metal-organic framework network: combining research and development to promote technological solutions, will work to increase the control and customization of the interaction between (re)activity, selectivity, efficiency and processability of MOF materials to guarantee functional properties optimal from the molecular level framework to the nano, meso and macroscale dimension.

The project will focus on paving the way towards the development of high-performance MOF materials for three high-need applications: cancer nanomedicine, wastewater treatment, and energy storage.

This COST Action will develop a complete program of networking tools, in which apart from BCMaterials, academic and research centers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Turkey will participate.

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