New BCMaterials Welcome Handbook

BCMaterials presents its new Welcome Handbook for research and service personnel joining the center. This document presents basic information in a clear, attractive and dynamic format so that new employees can adapt more quickly not only to their position, but also to life in our environment when they come from abroad.

The handbook is divided into 8 sections ranging from basic information on BCMaterials and the first steps to take at the center, to issues such as work procedures, information on laboratories and safety, communication and outreach, red tape information for personnel from abroad... The handbook is a living document that will undergo frequent revisions and additions as new needs are identified.

All this information is collected in an interactive PDF document, in which the visual aspect and navigability prevail. A very important part of the links in the document lead to the BCMaterials Intranet, the tool that acts as an information and resource container for the center's workers.

The handbook has an eminent internal use. However, BCMaterials wants it to be accessible to the general public, obviously delimiting those parts of the document whose nature makes it advisable. The BCMaterials Welcome Manual can be downloaded in this section of the center's website:

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