BCMaterials takes part in the 'kick off' meetings of two European projects


Two of the new European projects in which BCMaterials takes part started their activity in mid-October. These two are the GIANCE project, that belongs to the European Commission's Horizon Europe program, and PIEZO2D, within the MSCA Staff Exchange initiative.

The GIANCE project aims to develop the next generation of multifunctional materials based on graphene and related materials, under the premises of sustainability, recyclability and profitability. The inaugural meeting of the project, in which 23 partners from 10 different countries participate, took place in Barcelona. BCMaterials is in charge of the materials development package, starting from the synthesis, processing and characterization for subsequent integration into devices.

Click here to read the GIANCE project's press release.

As for the PIEZO2D project, the goal is to offer new developments to overcome the limitations of two-dimensional piezoelectric materials with modern silicon technology. The proposal is to carry out this development through interface engineering and link voltage and control to achieve maximum efficiency and other relevant figures of merit. The project will develop a technology to provide local power generation (microgenerators) from the nanoscale to the microscale to power nano and micro- devices.

The kick-off meeting was held in Poland with the presence of the 7 members of the consortium, from 5 countries.

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