BCMaterials reinforces collaboration with research institutions in Chile and Argentina

BCMaterials researchers travelled to Chile and Argentina in late May with the aim of strengthening cooperation ties with research institutions in both countries. The visit included the Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) of the University of Chile and the Institute of Chemistry and Drug Metabolism (IQUIMEFA) of the University of Buenos Aires.

Both institutions are partners, together with BCMaterials and other European and American centers, in the INDESMOF project (RISE-MSCA action). One of the goals of the visit was to examine the latest steps taken in the project, which develops new advanced filters, based on metal-organic materials (MOF) to remove heavy materials from water. Likewise, new lines of collaboration were analysed and established in areas as relevant to the different centers as environmental remediation and energy storage.

Invited talks

As part of the visit, Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez, Scientific Director of BCMaterials, and Roberto Fernández de Luis, Research Fellow at our center, gave several talks at both institutions. Lanceros-Méndez presented “Smart and multifunctional materials and approaches for sustainable digitalization” and so did Fernández de Luis with “Bioinspired design of porous Metal-Organic Framework Materials for environment: towards a water circular economy”. In addition, the Scientific Director of BCMaterials was invited by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile to offer a new talk called "Next generation energy storage: sustainable and solid state batteries with improved functionalities".



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