BCMaterials receives José Onuchic as a visiting researcher


BCMaterials is pleased to welcome the prestigious scientist José Onuchic as a visiting researcher until next July. Onuchic is a professor of Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry and Biosciences at University of Rice and director of the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics, both institutions located in the United States.

Onuchic will work together with Ivan Coluzza, Ikerbasque Research Professor at BCMaterials, in the development of theoretical models for the design and evolution of proteins. This collaboration will focus on the investigation and application of innovative approaches to improve our understanding of the mechanisms that govern protein design and its evolution over time.

Recognized with numerous international distinctions throughout his career, Onuchic specializes in the analysis of theoretical methods for molecular biophysics and gene networks. He introduced the concept of protein folding funnels. He also developed the concept of tunneling pathways for electron transfer in proteins. He is also interested in stochastic effects in genetic networks with applications to decision making in bacteria and cancer.

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