Radio Euskadi interviews Javier del Campo on the scientists awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Javier del Campo

On October 5, the scientists awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry were announced. Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and Barry Sharples received the award for their development of click and bioorthogonal chemistry.

On the occasion of the award decision, Radio Euskadi's science outreach program 'La mecánica del caracol' interviewed Javier del Campo, Ikerbasque Research Professor at BCMaterials with the aim of finding out in detail how click and bioorthogonal chemistry work and what are their applications in fields such as drug development and biomedicine, among others.

In the interview, Del Campo also details how several BCMaterials’ research groups work with click chemistry reactions that work in nanochemical applications to make ordered and porous structures, such as MOFs (metal-organic frameworks). Likewise, Del Campo highlights how his group works with this type of reactions in the field of biosensors.

You can access the interview through this link, starting at minute 2:50.

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