NM4BL 2023 brings together a hundred researchers around computing, AI and machine learning

Martin Mevissen BCMaterials

On October 26, more than one hundred researchers gathered at the BCMaterials headquarters to attend a new edition of our annual workshop 'New Materials for a Better Life!'. The event was dedicated on this occasion to computational approaches, tools and strategies for the development of advanced materials. The program featured prominent Basque and international experts in advanced and quantum computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The workshop was a complete success both due to the importance of the speakers and the program topics as well as the wide attendance of researchers from different Basque universities, BERC and BRTA centers, and different technology and research centers from the Basque Country and neighboring regions.



Approaches and practical examples

The program combined talks offering general and introductory views of advanced and quantum computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning with other more specific talks on applications to materials science. Among the first group were, for example, the talks by Ricardo Díez Muiño, director of DIPC; Martin Mevissen, head of research at IBM's artificial intelligence and quantum technology laboratory in Dublin, Ireland; and José Antonio Lozano, scientific director of BCAM. Among the latter, the presentations by Ivan Coluzza and Ivan Infante, Ikerbasque Professors at BCMaterials; Karolina Zofia Milowska, from CICnanoGUNE; Adriana Navajas, from Tecnalia; and Mois Ilia Aroyo, from the Bilbao Crystallographic Center of the UPV/EHU.




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