Invited talk with José Ángel de Toro and Benito Santos

Jose angel de toro

Next Tuesday, 11th October, we will have a invited talk with José Ángel Toro and Benito Santos, from the Applied Nanomagnetism Group of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

The talk will start at 11 AM at the Martina Casiano Auditorium

Gas-phase synthesis of nanoparticles

Tis talk is about the present and projected capacities in gas-phase synthesis of nanoparticles and thin films available in the labs of the Applied Nanomagnetism Group in Ciudad Real (UCLM), followed by a glance at assorted results on the application of magnetic, as well as non-magnetic, nanoparticles in fields ranging from biology (antiviral properties of silver nanoparticles) to hydrogen sensing (nanoribbons of palladium particles), including some new fundamental insights in magnetism (creation of an artificial antiferromagnet by proximity effects between CoO and NiO). The advantages of gas-phase synthesis for the nanoparticle community will be underlined. Finally, time allowing, some recent results in the magnetism of densely-packed maghemite nanoparticles prepared by chemical methods may be presented.

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