Daniel Salazar and Andrés Martín from BCMaterials at 2016 E-MRS Spring Meeting

Monday, 11 April, 2016

Daniel Salazar and Andrés Martín will attend this  2016 MRS Spring Meeting Symposium which will be held in Lile, France, from 2nd to 6th of May.
Their talk will be at the E symposium: Substitution of critical raw materials: synthesis, characterization and processing of new advanced materials in optoelectronic and magnetic devices,
on May 5.
Daniel will make his invited talk, titled “Coercivity enhancement of Dy-free and Nd-lean Nd-Fe-B magnets by grain boundary engineering” at 14:00 and Andrés will make his, titled “Tetragonal Ce-based Ce-Sm(Fe, Co, Ti)12 alloys for permanent magnets” at 14:45.
Find more info at: http://www.european-mrs.com/2016-spring-symposium-e-european-materials-research-society