“Women + Science = A Journey Through Time”

BCMaterials, the Basque Center on Materials, Applications and Nanostructures, presents “Women + Science = A Journey Through Time”, an initiative that is part of the International Week of Women and Girls in Science. This event will be held on February 10 and 11 and will bring together students from different schools in Bizkaia (Basyqe Country). An interesting exhibition and the possibility for the students of making their first scientific poster are the attractions of this initiative. The event will take place at the headquarters of BCMaterials, the Martina Casiano Technology Platform, in the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia in Leioa.

“Women + Science = A Journey Through Time” aims to make students up to 13 years old notice the important work of women in the scientific and technological development through History. The conference also seeks to promote the scientific and technological vocation among students.

As the title suggests, the theme of the event is the evolution of the role of women in science, reflected in a poster exhibition that will cover the following stages:
• Past: a review of the most outstanding women in the scientific and technological fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), both internationally and in the Basque Country.
• Present: posters that will reflect the work of women scientists who develop their research work in new materials science in BCMaterials, as well as the impact and applications that such research has and will have on people’s daily lives.
• Future: in this part of the exhibition the posters created by the students in the final section of the visit will be exhibited. These posters will seek to replicate the structure of scientific posters made by researchers. In them they will be able to shape how they imagine the future of different scientific and technological branches.

“Women + Science = A Journey Through Time” fulfills one of BCMaterials’ founding goals, which is to promote science outreach in society. In addition, that promotion of the scientific vocation goal is linked with another of the Centre’s missions: to train new generations of excellent scientists.

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Date(s) - 10/02/2022 - 11/02/2022
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM