BCMaterials Fortnightly Seminars #33

“Development of new hight temperature shape memory alloys based NiMnGa system”



Shape memory alloys (SMAs) with high transformation temperatures can enable the operation of many mechanical components designed to operate at temperatures above 300ºC, potentially impacting the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and energy exploration industries.
Ni-Mn-Ga based shape memory alloys have shown excellent thermomechanical properties as an active material that yields a large output strain. This system enables an easy tuning of the transformation behavior by composition.
For this purpose we have performed a systematic compositional study of the Ni-Mn-Ga system in polycrystalline state and a preliminary study of the effect of thermo-mechanical cycling in single crystals. The single crystals have been grown by floating zone method.


“Magnetoelastic materials for sensor; studying the surface”



The magnetoelastic resonators based on amorphous ferromagnetic materials can act as an excellent platform to detect a wide range of parameters due to the promoted shift on its resonant frequency not only by the applied magnetic bias field H, but also under the action of different physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, stress and mass loading. This change on the resonant frequency under the action of external influences make them suitable for applications in sensors. We want to develop a bio-sensor by using as platform a magnetoelastic Fe Co Si B composition ferromagnetic ribbon coated with an amphiphilic polymer. For that purpose the magnetic ribbon has been coated with a polymer and the surface topography change has been studied using AFM and SEM.

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Date(s) - 16/12/2015
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

BCMaterials Office
Bizkaia Science and Technology Park
Building 500, 1st. Floor
48160 Derio

43.29637972841698, -2.866330048257396