BCMaterials at the INTERMAG´18 conference in singapore

Monday, 7 May, 2018


A group of researchers from BCMaterials presented their latest scientific developments on basic and applied aspects of magnetism at the INTERMAG 2018 conference held in Singapore from April 23rd to 27th. The participation included invited and contributed talks, and poster presentations, delivered by Senentxu Lanceros, Ikerbasque professor and scientific director of the centre; Alfredo García, senior research associate; Jose M. Porro, MSCA fellow; Eduardo Fernández, post-doctoral researcher; and Ana María Schönhöbel, pre-doctoral researcher. The topics of the scientific disseminations ranged from applied research such as magnetoelectric biomaterials for advanced tissue engineering applications, to basic aspects of magnetism as the study of magnetization dynamics in thermally active artificial spin ice nanostructures. Further contributions to the conference included the use of nanodisks for hyperthermia treatments, magnetoimpedance sensors development, and reducing critical raw materials in permanent magnets.