BCMaterials paper on the cover page of Physica Status Solidi B

Friday, 6 April, 2018


The paper is named “Probing Structural and Magnetic Instabilities and Hysteresis in Heuslers by Density Functional Theory Calculations” written by  Volodymyr A. Chernenko, Jose M. Barandiaran and colleagues is the cover page of the February  edition of “Physica Status Solidi B”.
“In their Feature Article (article no. 1700296), Entel et al. consider structural martensitic transformations in Heusler alloys, in particular those of Ni–Mn–In alloys. The magnetic properties of these metamagnetic alloys are taken into account; the ferromagnetic order of the high‐temperature austenitic phase transforms to weak antiferromagnetism in the low‐temperature martensitic phase. It is shown that temper‐annealing of these alloys broadens the martensitic transformation considerably and eventually leads to a phase decomposition into a dual phase composite alloy. Both phases are identified to be the ferromagnetic Ni–Mn–In alloy and tetragonal, antiferromagnetic NiMn. An essential part of the driving force originates from the change of magnetic order from high to low temperatures. The influence of an external magnetic field on the martensitic transformation is investigated and it is shown that the transformation is shifted to lower temperatures and may lead to kinetic arrest of the transformation. The magnetocaloric properties like adiabatic temperature change, which can be used for cooling, are calculated. They are among the highest ones found so far and are of the order of 10 K.”