PhD Results #6

Cristian Mendes & Asma Mooti will present an advance of results on their research.



UV curable electronics and devices

Printing of flexible electronics components and devices are among the main current research topics. Photopolymerization or UV curing employed as a printing technique presents advantages based on being a fast and solvent-free technique. In fact, it is one of the main methods used in lithographic processes, surface coatings and the manufacture of integrated circuits. The printing of electronic components will improve device integration in printed and conventional electronics, as the passive electronic components are still the most voluminous parts of the printed electronic circuits. This talk reviews the last works in UV curable electronics and devices. It reports on the development and characterization of new UV curable materials suitable for printing flexible electronics such as barium titanate/polyurethane acrylate (BaTiO3/PUA) composites with varying ceramic contents in order to tailor the dielectric response of the material and multiwalled carbon nanotube/polyurethane acrylate (MWCNT/PUA) composites with different amounts of carbonaceous filler to obtain piezoresistive/conductive UV curable inks.



Development of multifunctional trinanocomposites based on poly(vinylidene-fluoride) (PVDF)

Nanoscale science and technology gives opportunities to develop revolutionary materials, in fact nanocomposites are high performance materials which reveal rare properties that ascend from their small size and large interface.

That being said, the aim of this work is to develop multifunctional trinanocomposite materials based on the known piezoelectric poly (vinylidene-fluoride) (PVDF) polymer for several areas such as filtration, energy harvesting, sensors and actuators.

In order to enhance the polymer nanocomposites properties, different strategies will be investigated focusing mainly on specific processing procedures and on the addition of chosen fillers depending on the aimed field of application.


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Date(s) - 15/01/2020
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Auditorio de Plataforma Tecnológica – Martina Casiano, UPV/EHU
UPV/EHU Science Park
Bld. Martina Casiano, Gnd. Floor
48940 Leioa

43.3325366, -2.9702551000000312