Tel, Juan Ignacio IT & Facilities Manager

IT specialist; systems & network administration and security; purchasing of equipment & supplies; software licensing; technical support.

Juan Ignacio Tel obtained his degree in Computer Science from the University of Deusto in 1998. Since then he has leaded and participated on a wide range of IT projects in the private sector,  including main infraestructure & support, networking & security, ERP implementation, application development and technical consulting. He is Microsoft Certified Professional since 2002 and Cisco CCNA since 2012.

Interests and objetives
Currently I’m in charge of the whole IT area of the organization, including systems and network administration, security systems, purchasing of equipment & supplies, and also being contact with related vendors. One of my main goals is to maintain all services and infrastructures in perfect condition, thus allowing other people in BCMaterials can fulfill their tasks, facilitating their mobility and easing their workaday.