BCMaterials invited talk: Professor Omar M. Yaghi

We are pleased to announce the invited talk given by Omar Yaghi , Professor of Chemistry at  U.C. Berkeley about The Discovery of Covalent Organic Frameworks.


The synthesis of covalently-linked organic extended structures has been a long-standing objective. The fundamental problem is that attempts to link organic molecular building blocks into extended structures often led to intractable amorphous solids and ill-defined materials, thus impeding development of this field. This changed when the reaction and crystallization conditions for making covalent organic frameworks (COFs) were worked out and reported in 2005 for 2D COFs and 2007 for 3D COFs. This advance extended the field of organic chemistry beyond discrete molecules (0D) and polymers (1D) to infinite layered (2D) and network (3D) extended structures. The discovery of reactions and crystallization conditions for making COFs using reversible as well as what is traditionally considered irreversible linkages (e.g. dioxin, olefin) will be outlined. The recent developments in (1) making large single crystals of COFs, (2) the first molecular weavings, and (3) greatly expanding structural complexity of COFs through building high valency nodes will be presented.


The talk will be on 17th of June at 16:30.


The event is free and open for everybody, it will be online via TEAMS with the following link:


Do not miss it!



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Date(s) - 17/06/2021
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM