The new project 4AIRCRAFT starts

martes, 4 mayo, 2021

4AIRCRAFT starts!!!

4AirCRAFT project will establish a game-changer technology for groundbreaking jet fuel synthesis by recycling carbon to meet net-zero targets through “defossilisation”.
Key to the process is the combination of highly efficient electro-, chemo- and bio- catalysts, which are selectively embedded within novel catalyst carriers, based on engineered hybrid scaffolds in a single cascade reactor, where the introduced CO2 is converted to high-density hydrocarbons.
Our hypothesis is that the synergetic coupling of specifically tailored catalysts in a hierarchic structured reactor would lead not only to an overall improved efficiency of the fuel production in comparison to conventional Fischer-Tropsch routes, but to a synergetic effect at the interphase of the different catalysts, which can allow to run the reactor at low temperatures without relevant yield decrease.
4AirCRAFT technology will produce sustainable jet fuel at low temperature, contributing to a circular economy and leading to a decrease in GHG and reduced dependence on fossil fuel-based resources.