Interuniversity Master in New Materials

The Interuniversity Master in New Materials is mainly aimed at specialization in the area of new materials. Its objective is to provide a solid training in the most current methodologies for the synthesis, characterization, properties and applications of new materials, in fields as diverse as biomaterials, nanomaterials, intelligent materials, materials for energy, electronics, catalysis, etc. The program enables to make decisions in the scientific and technological development fields as well as to carry out research work in groups.
The master gives direct access to doctoral programs. In addition, R + D + i in Materials is a highly developed field in our country and therefore there are specialization courses and / or summer courses that may be related.

Master’s Degree in Environmental Pollution and Toxicology

The Master’s Degree in Environmental Pollution and Toxicology will train you as a professional in the biological assessment of the health of ecosystem, both marine and fresh water, and terrestrial. This master's degree, which is mainly for research purposes, gives access to the Doctoral Programme on Environmental Pollution and Toxicology of the UPV/EHU.

Master in Biomedical Research

The master in biomedical research offers updated training on the molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms involved in the development of the disease, necessary to carry out research that leads to the achievement of valid results and conclusions on topics of biosanitary interest. The master has a clear research orientation as a previous step to doctoral studies giving direct access to the Biomedical Research Doctorate Program.

Master Thesis Final Project (MTFP)

BCMaterials, the Basque Center for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures located in Leioa (Bizkaia, Spain), provides for PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE students, the opportunity to develop their Master Thesis Final Project (MTFP) in the areas of advanced multifunctional materials.

BCMaterials offers research training of excellence, periodic scientific seminars and colloquia, as well as access to high-level laboratory facilities.

We are looking for highly motivated students who want to advance on their studies and are interested in pursuing a PhD with us.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligible candidates must be master students enrolled at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).
  • A collaboration agreement must be signed between the student’s university and BCMaterials.
  • Students must be prepared to have a minimum dedication of 3 consecutive months, during the morning or afternoon, covering a minimum of 150 hours in total.

Application And Selection Process:

  • Applicants must complete the form available at the bottom of this page and must include their CV, academic transcripts and letters of motivation and reference.
  • Applications will be accepted before enrolment in the master, being the most recommended option, designing the TFM in common agreement with the student and one of the teachers of the Master.
  • Applications will also be accepted once the Master’s degree has started, when the offer of master’s projects has already been made.
  • The student’s academic record will influence the selection process, as well as the rest of the information provided.
  • Within 2 weeks of receipt, BCMaterials will contact the student by the means informed in the application, to determine the feasibility of the MTFP and carry out the appropriate administrative procedures.

Recently finished MTFPs

Javier López García - Martensitic transformation behavior under magnetic field and magnetocaloric effect in metamagnetic shape Memory alloys

Ander García Díez - Biomedical application of magnetic nanoparticles synthesised by bacteria

Omar Ruiz Ortega - Ferritas con Mn y Zn: Síntesis, Caracterización y Propiedades Magnéticas

Iker Lamas - Preparation and characterization of nanostructured materials for solar cells

Sara del Hoyo - Preparation of polymer multilayer systems to optimize medical devices

Mikel Mugica - Analysis of the Fatigue Cycling on Elastomeric Polymer with Ferromagnetic Particles Composites for Damping Applications

Maria Paz Crespo - Applications of Shape Memory polymers to self-healing surfaces

Paula González - Desarrollo de membranas de intercambio protónico basadas en composites polímero@líquido íonico

Ana María Schönhöbel Sánchez - Magnetic characterization of CexSm1-xFe9Co2Ti alloys for permanent magnets

Claudia Ezquerro - Nanodiscs by colloidal lithography for biomedical applications

Laura Gracia Marcén - Preparation of Au/TiO2nanostructures for incorporation in photoanodes ofhigh efficiency solar cells

David Gandia - Self-Assembly and magnetic response of aligned magnetotactic bacteria

Marc Avila - Assessment of thin-film magnetic sensors for the detection of magnetotactic bacteria.

Sheila Maiz - Hidrogeles inyectables basados en quitosano

Andrade del Olmo - , Multilayer of chitosan and anionic b-cyclodextrin onto polylactic acid (PLLA) for food packaging

Juan Jose Gutierrez - Degradación térmica de materiales. Caracterización de residuos

Leixuri Baños - Polimorfismo en fármacos de consumo habitual: ¿sabemos lo que tomamos?,

Bosco Rodríguez - Fabricación y procesamiento de aleaciones metamagnéticas con efecto magnetocalórico para tintas de screen-printing

Aitor Delgado - Diseño y fabricación de sensores magnéticos por técnicas de impresión

Irene Aizpitarte - Fabricación y caracterización de nanoestructuras para aplicación biomédica

Asma Mooti - Desarrollo de nanocomposites multiferroicos tricomponente

Xenia Armengol Garin - Impresión de dispositivos electrónicos a escala micro- y nanometrica

Leire Celaya Azcoaga - MOF@Polímero para aplicaciones biomédicas

Natalia Ahiova Rio Lopez - Diseño de superficie en aleaciones con memoria de forma magnética

Esraa Samy Abu Serea Sewlam - Nanocompuestos multirresistentes con propiedades fototérmicas como tejidos bioimitadores

Ruben Teijido Fernandez - Estudio de interacciones polioxometalato-polímero en materiales híbridos

Joseba Totoricaguena Gorriño - Nanostructured thin film-based elements: focus on high frequency applications

Aritz Villar - Pulsos ultra-cortos, aplicación al magnetismo

Edgar Fuentes - Development of biodegradable hydrogels for tissue engineering applications

Jon Canosa - Influencia de la morfología en las propiedades de nuevos materiales híbridos magnetoactivos del tipo: matriz polimérica / inclusión magnética

Aroa Marcos - Síntesis de complejos luminiscentes de Iridio (III) para aplicaciones de diagnóstico clínico.

Paula Rodríguez - Metal-Organic Framework gels based electrochemical sensors: towards the development of a versatile platform for detection of biologically relevant molecules and water pollutants.

Application form:

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