Soft magnetic materials for sensor applications in the high frequency range

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Soft magnetic materials for sensor applications in the high frequency range

Published in: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 459, 154-158
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Galina V. Kurlyandskaya S. V. Shcherbinin S. O. Volchkov S. M. Bhagat E. Calle R. Pérez M. Vázquez

The increase in the number of materials for research and extending the list of their applications requires a parallel optimization of the methods of characterization. Microwave magnetoimpedance (MI) in low magnetic fields was proposed for the characterization of the axial magnetization process in different materials. Characterization of the same parameter using different techniques becomes increasingly required. Here we describe our experience in the comparative analysis of magnetic properties, giant magnetoimpedance, ferromagnetic resonance (FMR), and low field MI of CuBe/Fe19Co17Ni64 electroplated and (Co0.94Fe0.06)72.5Si12.5B15 in-water solidified amorphous wires. Microwave studies were conducted using specially designed installation on the basis of Rohde & Schwarz ZVA-67 Vector Network Analyzer for two lengths of the wire of 3 and 6 mm. FMR was also measured using classic cavity perturbation technique. The analysis of the results allows us to observe evolution of the intensity of two absorption peaks and conclude the corresponding to MI and FMR features.

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