Gotzone Barandika

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Gotzone Barandika

Senior Research Associate

Dr. Gotzone Barandika was graduated in Chemistry (UPV/EHU, 1989), and received her PhD in Physics in 1995 (Universidad de Navarra). Since 1996 she works for UPV/EHU as a lecturer and researcher at the Inorganic Chemistry deparment. She has been working in Materials Science focusing her work on machine tools materials, magnetic compounds, biomaterials, and metal organic frameworks. She has published over 80 articles receiving more than 20 cites per article. She is the author of an international patent, and has supervised 5 PhD theses. She has been the director of the UPV/EHU postgrade “Orthopaedics”, and since 2011 is an executive board member of the Spanish Association of Bioinorganics. She is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Computational Methods in Molecular Design.



Interests and objectives:

I am involved in several research projects focused on the development of MOF-type porous materials for the storage and transport of mass and energy. Additionally, I intend to go on the development of surface coatings for orthopaedic biomaterials. I am interested in management models applied to research groups, and I have published several articles on the matter. Additionally, I spend some of my time on divulgation activities directed to the local society, focusing special attention on young people.

Notable facts:

MINECO project (MAT2013-42092-R): Development of advanced materials for the efficient generation, storage and delivery of energy.
Gobierno Vasco project (IT-630-13): Multifunctional materials for the transport and storage of mass and energy.
Patent:Alcohol and water sensor compounds, detection methos and device (Authors: M. I. Arriortua, G. Barandika, B. Bazán, A. Calderón-Casado, M. K. Urtiaga), PCT Int. Appl. 2013 WO 2013057350 A1 20139425
Management memory of EIDOS (Research group, UPV/EHU). Registro Territorial de la Propiedad Intelectual de Euskadi: Número de asiento registral: 01/2014/.


Coordination chemistry, X-ray diffraction, crystal structure, microstructure, electronic microscopy (SEM and TEM), magnetic properties, DFT calculations, topology, synthesis methods, pulvimetallurgy, catalysis, mechanical properties, management models, innovation in education

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