Reinventing biomimetic approaches via novel functional coatings containing magnetic nanoparticles

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BCMaterials – Basque Center for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures is a research center included in the BERC’s (Basque Excellence Research Centers) network, devoted to generate knowledge on the new generation of materials, and turning this knowledge into (multi)functional solutions and devices for the benefit of society, is currently calling for a


Predoctoral Researcher position


to work on


Reinventing biomimetic approaches via novel functional coatings containing magnetic nanoparticles


The Ph.D. project will further the development of tissue engineering using novel functional coatings where the complexity of these key biomaterials is adequately addressed. Aspects such as mechanical properties, surface topography, porosity and pore distribution are difficult to control in synthetic biomaterials but essential for extra-cellular matrices for cell-culture, as they are key issues linked to cell dynamics and evolution. In this work, magnetic nanoparticles will be integrated in amorphous carbon based-coatings as well as in porous HA coatings to develop more complex tissue structures. To this end, the Ph.D. candidate will use a multidisciplinary approach including the application of advanced materials manufacturing techniques, surface structuring at the micro- and nano- levels as well as tissue growth techniques.


The following techniques, instruments and facilities will be used:


Physical Vapor Deposition techniques such as sputtering and filter cathodic arc, Dynamic Light scattering method, Wet chemical synthesis, Surface characterization techniques, XRD, TEM, SEM-EDX, and FT-IR.


The goals of the projects are: 1) deposition of DLC and HA bioactive coatings incorporating magnetic particles. 2) characterization of properties of the functionalised coatings using a broad range of techniques. 3) in-vitro study of the tissues formed using mesenchymal STEM cells.


BCMaterials offers a contract, with an enrolment in the PhD program in the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), in collaboration with the Spectroscopy Group – Department of Physical Chemistry Research Group (, belonging to the Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT/ZTF) at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).


BCMaterials is committed to equality of opportunity and values diversity.


This position is part of the Call for PhD Fellowships published on BCMaterials website at with the reference (2020-31), therefore, the terms and conditions of the call apply. Candidates must meet the general eligibility criteria stated on it, and fill the application form at the end of this page, including their CV, academic records and motivation and reference letters.


Before applying, candidates are encouraged to get in touch with researchers in charge of the project, in order to obtain detailed information about it:


  • Director (UPV/EHU): Carolina Redondo (
  • Co-director (BCMaterials): Jose Luis Endrino (


All the applicants will be contacted by BCMaterials through a supplied email, as soon as the call is closed.


Selected publications:


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