Pre-doctoral Research Position in Functional Coatings and Surfaces for Tools

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Surface science and engineering is all about modifying a surface for advantage and understanding the physico-chemical processes involved. The term ‘surface engineering’ was identified as “the design of surface and substrate together as a functionally graded system to give a cost-effective performance enhancement of which neither is capable on its own.” Specialised treatment of surfaces allows the surface to achieve new functionalities different from those of the bulk. Hard coatings with exceptional resistance to abrasive wear are often employed to extend the lifetime of cutting and molding tools. This type of coatings can now be tailored with more advanced funtionalities.
This project seeks the development of well-stablished material surface processing technologies for their implementation as new delivery systems in the broad range of metallic materials (e.g. refractory metals, alloys, steels) used in high value-added (HVA) manufacturing components and systems. The main aim of this project is to select, deposit and test new nanostructured thin film compositions and develop self-sensing and self-repair functionalities related to damage and wear of key engineering materials.