Award won at IEEE Magnetics Summer School

Monday, 26 June, 2017

Novel _design_for_a_magnetic_encoder_systemNovel design for a magnetic encoder system

A five components team, including Ana María Schönhöbel’s, from BCMaterials, wins the first students’ project award (USD 5,000) in the IEEE Magnetics Summer School. Other members of the team came from Austria, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan.
The project proposes the construction of an improved magnetic encoder using 3D printing for the magnetic scale, based on NdFeB magnets produced by BCMaterials, and was presented, together with other 15 projects, in the above Summer School held in  La Magdalena Santander, last week, and organized by BCMaterials and the University of Cantabria.
The project won the first  award and will be developed during 6 months. The results will be presented in the INTERMAG Conference to be held in Singapore, April 23-27, 2018