Local Advisory Committee (LAC)


Dr. Antonio Porro

Former Chief Technology Officer and Business Development Director at TECNALIA Research & Innovation, BT Division.
Former member of the Conseil Scientifique et Technologique of NOBATEK-INEF4 (France).
Former member of the Jury of the CSTB “Lab Accélérateur de Start-up” (France).
Former Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the West of Scortland.

Dr. Elena Guede Vázquez

Cement & Roadstone Holding Corporative Quality Manager in the last two years and Plant Manager in Cementos Lemona, S.A for 6 years in previous ones.
First woman appointed Cement Plant Manager in Spain and in the CRH Group.
Member of Management Board of APLICACIONES MINERALES, S.A.
Very active in R&D project leadership and sustainability in constructions materials

Prof. Luis Manuel León

Professor of Physical Chemistry
Founder of the Macromolecular group at the Department of Physical-Chemistry, University of the Basque Country
Member of the PhD commission and/or post-graduation of the University of the Basque Country from 1988 to 2015.
Vice-Dean of the Science Faculty of the University of the Basque Country

Prof. María Isabel Arriortua

Professor of Crystallography and Mineralogy at UPV/EHU, since 1992.
Director of the UPV/EHU Advanced Research Facilities (SGIker) since its creation (2002-2021).
Euskadi research award in Science and Technology in 2010
Member of the expert committee for the design of Basic Strategic Lines of Science, Technology and Innovation for the Basque Government and academic of Jakiunde, Basque Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters since 2012.

Prof. Teófilo Rojo

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the UPV-EHU
Scientific director of CIC EnergiGUNE from 2010 to 2020
President of the Group pf Solid State Chemistry of the Royal Spanish Society from 2000 to 2010
National prize in Inorganic Chemistry of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry in 2013.
Academic of the Royal Spanish Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences since 2015