Job Offers

Current positions

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Predoctoral Researchers – MOLEMAT
Predoctoral Research Position in electroactive materials for tissue engineering applications – MINECO
Predoctoral Research Position in Development of printed sensors and actuators based on multifunctional inks – PIBA
Research Associate Position in New Permanent Magnets Development
Predoctoral Research position in “Electroactive microenvironments for tissue engineering applications” – MINECO
Predoctoral research for solar cell based on kesterites
Research Associate Position in Metal-Organic Frameworks development
Predoctoral Research Position in MOF materials
Predoctoral Research Position in coordination chemistry

Third-party recuitment programmes

BCMaterials is an eligible host institution for distinct position holders:

Ikerbasque Research Fellows, Tenure-track style 5 year contract, for post-doctoral profile researchers.
Ikerbasque Research Professor Call, Permanent contracts for Senior Researchers, more than 4 years international research experience required.


Juan de la Cierva, Postdoctoral contracts for different early career stage researchers.

Ramon y Cajal, Tenure-track style 5 year contract, for post-doctoral profile researchers.

Bizkaia Talent
Economic aid programmes, intermediation and job offers, location service for highly qualified professionals and their partners that come to work to the Basque Country.


Individual Fellowships (IF), 12 to 24 months duration, for post-doctoral profile researchers.