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2020 Call for PhD Fellowships Application And Selection Process
Eligibility Criteria Available PhD Projects

As an Excellence Research Center for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures, BCMaterials works in the forefront of the main scientific and technological challenges of current society. We work on the new generation of materials and apply them into (multi)functional solutions and devices for the benefit of society.

Further, our commitment with society also focus on the formation of the new generation of great scientists, together with our colleagues and partners from the UPV/EHU.

In this scope, BCMaterials offers PhD Fellowships to perform research in areas as diverse and challenging as materials for sensors and actuators, which are critical for the internet of Things and Industry 4.0; materials for advanced biological and biomedical applications; materials for energy (both generation and storage) or materials for environmental monitoring and remediation.

Thus, PhD Fellows will integrate highly multidisciplinary research lines, led by highly qualified scientist, to develop:

  • Materials for Advanced Manufacturing and Technologies in which BCMaterials works on the development of smart and multifunctional materials with improved integration through advanced manufacturing processes, such as printing technologies. Self-sensing, self- cleaning and self-repairing materials are being developed and integrated into functional prototypes, among others.
  • Materials for Biomedicine, related to nanoparticle based biomedicine, from hyperthermia to point of care microdevices, as well as on the incorporation of active scaffolds and microenvironments for tissue regeneration.
  • Materials for Energy, focussing on the conversion between solar energy and chemical energy in applications such as perovskite based solar cells; on the development of energy harvesting systems for self-power and wearable sensors, and in materials for Li and Na- batteries, as well as for printable batteries.
  • Materials for Environment, focussing on materials for the three main issues that must be solved in the near future: environmental friendlier materials technologies (circular economy), sensors for environmental monitoring and remediation of contaminated scenarios.

Training in advanced materials is a requisite for the advance of industries with a large technological basis. In this context, the BCMaterials also offers important collaborations with local and International Industries and Technology Centers in Materials.

2020 Call for PhD Fellowships

  • Opening: 1 April 2020
  • Deadline: 30 June 2020
  • Resolution: 31 July 2020

The 2020 PhD Fellowships Call has now been launched to provide predoctoral students in PhysicsChemistryMaterials Science, Engineering, Energy, Biology or Environmental Science the opportunity to develop their PhD thesis in the areas of advanced multifunctional materials.

We offer up to 6 contracts to predoctoral students for the PhD thesis to be done at BCMaterials.

To guarantee the development of the research project in the best conditions, BCMaterials will offer excellent scientific training, a dedicated supervision, regular scientific seminars and colloquia, as well as access to high-level laboratory facilities.

We are looking for highly motivated predoctoral researchers who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at our institution. BCMaterials presently has 19 Ph.D. students, who conduct their research in our international environment.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, Energy, Biology or Environmental Science.
  • Candidates should have a good verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Capacity for teamwork in an interdisciplinary and international environment.
  • Self-motivation and willingness to perform independent research.
  • Creativity in problem solving.

Application And Selection Process

  • All our PhD projects are listed below. Click on each project to view the description and the application form.
  • Applicants have to fill the application form at the end of the description of each project and must include their CV, academic records and motivation and reference letters.
  • A candidate may apply to more than one PhD project by filling the application form for each project.
  • It is recommended to get in touch with the researchers in charge of each project in order to obtain more detailed information about it.
  • Applications will be accepted until 30 June 2020.
  • The selection process will start right after this deadline and the positions will be awarded on a competitive basis taking into consideration the student’s academic record as well as the rest of the information provided.
  • The resolution will be communicated to the selected candidates by 31 July 2020.


PhD Projects