BCMaterials, as an Excellence Research Center from the Science and Technology Network from the Basque Country, is committed to equality between men and women. The center guarantees the equality of the women and men and adopts the necessary measures to prevent or eliminate any discrimination based on birth, ethnicity, sex, religion, opinion, language or any other personal or social condition or circumstance. In addition, the principles of equal opportunities, respect for diversity and difference, integration of the gender perspective, positive action, elimination of roles and stereotypes based on sex and balanced representation are always being implemented.

Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the effective Equality of Women and Men, defines equality plans as an ordered set of measures adopted after carrying out a diagnosis, aimed at achieving at the center equality in treatment and opportunities between women and men and to eliminate discrimination based on sex.

The Equality Plan for Women and Men presented here responds to the philosophy of Law 4/2005, of February 18, for the Equality of Women and Men, as well as Organic Law 3/2007, of March 22, for the Effective Equality of Women and Men, which establishes that both public administrations and companies must draw up equality plans in order to achieve the objectives set in the various existing regulations.

The Plan for Equality of Women and Men aims to meet the criteria of the Center's Strategic Plan 2021-2025. One of the objectives of this Strategic Plan is to be supported by Emakunde, the Basque Women's Institute, for the improvement and implementation of specific measures aimed at responding to the areas of improvement detected in the analysis and assessment contained in the diagnosis. In order to implement and follow up the development of the Plan, we will set an Equality Committee composed by a representative of each function or career stage in our organisation, from each gender.

In the framework of the European Union, the Equality Plan also has the reference of the Strategic Program of the European Commission 2016/2019 and its commitment to the equality of women and men.

Our plan identifies four main objectives:

  • Promoting equal opportunities in positions of responsibility.
  • Generating working environments and conditions that facilitate the co-responsible conciliation of personal, family and professional life.
  • Promoting inclusive leadership styles.
  • Promote the visibility of women scientists in the media and networks in favour of gender equality and co-responsibility.

One of the first actions in the Plan was to create and publish it on our website to reflect our commitment towards Equality

BCMaterials promotes the visibility of women in science in the media and networks.